Guess Who?

Okay, let me guess. Are you a terrible board book? Is that why you have a selection of masks on hand in case anyone stops by??                     

*Jannie Hos's illustrations are colorful and upbeat 
*I liked the cut-out for easy carrying being sized to match a toddler's hand -- but it begs the question why include this luxury item without throwing in the more pertinent-to-the-theme mouth hole for good measure
*At just four pages and about that many words, the suffering is under a minute long     

*If the whole point of the book is to put your head behind these masks, they should have come up with an ingenious way to have the corresponding text be displayed on the reverse side so that readers don't have to flip it back and forth in order to put it in front of their faces  
*My daughter was not the least bit amused by any portion of this endeavor
*Three of the four non-cover-image characters in the copy I am holding have been irreparably damaged (in just seven months of library circulation) -- Cartwheel Books should have used sturdier materials

Perhaps this book is only intended to appeal to children under one?  If that's the case, then I would consider striking the failing grade in favor of a D+ (Donate).  That said, I can't in good conscience believe that anything aimed at the crawling set would lose all of its luster when placed in the hands of a girl whose vocabulary is currently at the equivalent of the very early crawling stages.  No joke, my daughter sat there and stared at me with a blank expression regardless of the position of the book... and was upbeatly ready to do anything else once we finished.  In short, there are, ironically, too many (figurative) holes to award Guess Who? anything above a Destroy.                    

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