Emerging Raconteur In Kidlit Award

The Kid Book Ratings "Emerging Raconteur In Kidlit" Award (also known as the 'ERIK') is given to the best self-published picture book under 1111 words reviewed on this site each year.  To be eligible, books must be received in hard copy form by Thanksgiving.  The winner will be selected on Christmas from the list of all self-published nominees that earned a Buy rating on this site during the year in question.

Created in 2013, the "Emerging Raconteur In Kidlit" Award process is designed to shed extra light on the work of the many talented individuals who have been marginalized by the traditional publishing model.  If you fall into this camp, consider submitting your work today!  [Shipping address information can be obtained by messaging either the Kid Book Ratings Twitter or Facebook pages.]        

For a look at the award process in real time, click over to this page.

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