Accounting error

Yup, I definitely just realized that I tagged two informational posts as book ratings when calculating the number of reviews I have done.  So I'm still at 498 and not quite to 500...oopsies!

Breakdown on my pattern to come after that.


I guess that makes me Tarzan.  I can live with that. 

*Very few stories I have come across wholly embrace the concept of children following their dreams of making the world a better place while also showing how it could be realized -- this should not be confused with the many out there that, for instance, say kids can be pilots one day because they are fascinated with planes
*I have been very hard on the vast majority of Caldecott-honored books I've come across, but this one is worthy of the recognition it received 
*While Patrick McDonnell's artwork is top banana, his pacing and choice of words is wonderfully ripe as well   

*I wish the afterword had complemented the robust text about Jane Goodall with more photos of her as an adult surrounded by chimps
*There are multiple misspellings of "alligator" on the sketch pad page -- even if this is how young Jane chose to write the word, it should have been changed to avoid spawning a generation of kids who will make the same mistake 
*Boys and girls climb trees -- always have, always will - but I'd prefer not to have my son or daughter getting the idea that sitting at roof level for extended periods of time is a perfectly safe and reasonable thing to do 

Honestly, I never would have thought that one of the first historical figures I would cover on this blog would be someone who is not known for her work with humans.  Nonetheless, when my favorite librarian in the world suggested McDonnell's work, how could I say no?  Thankfully, I was not disappointed in the least!  Go Buy this wonderful book right now -- your family will go ape for it!!                              

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