About The Author

I'm just an ordinary guy who lives in the most extraordinary city in the world, Washington, DC.  I have the best wife ever and a son who is perfection personified.  Now add to that the cutest little girl this side of the Capitol.  Needless to say, I'm a generally happy guy.

I am the product of two wildly different parents, whose traits have rubbed off on me in roughly equal proportion. Thanks to my mom, I am an entrepreneur who works from home by night and takes care of the little guy by day. Meanwhile, my dad instilled in me the desire to do things the right way and the expectation that people should do the same.  The rest of my personality is definitely all my own, as my friends could tell you.

My goal is to do this until my youngest child turns ten years old.  At that point, I feel I will have made a sizable dent into the endless catalog of children's books and will be able to ride off into the sunset with my head held high. Until then, happy trails!  

Your pal,