Belly Button Book

How can you go wrong with a book about belly buttons? 

*I am a huge fan of any book that can get me to start using its own terminology in my everyday life -- and "Bee Bo" has definitely come out once or twice
*The pictures are fun and kind of make you want to adopt a hippo, despite it being one of nature's most brutal animals (if you ever get a chance, read how hippos mark their territory cuz it's disgusting)
*The hippo in the Navel Academy t-shirt is not to be missed

*The rhyming cadence is just a little off throughout
*There are a few randomly-inserted words ('Listen', 'Come', 'Ah') that I never know if I should read out loud or not
*Another book with an abrupt ending, but at least this one makes a little sense if you take a second after closing it

This book unquestionably falls into the Borrow category.  Sure, you could buy it and be happy with it for quite a while, but you'd be lying if you tried to tell someone that it is just as good on the tenth reading as it was the first two or three times.  Now, excuse me, but I have to go pull a piece of lint out of my Bee Bo.  See you next time!

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