Caps for Sale

I don't even really know if I should be reviewing this next selection since it is a retelling of an old folk tale (rather than an original work). But, since I just read it to my little friend today, it's fresh in my mind and will thusly get its very own blog post.

*The idea that sometimes you can try everything to remedy a situation, have none of it work, and then be lucky enough to catch a break through unintended actions is nice (although it's not really a lesson)
*The peddler is very organized in his inventory control techniques
*I like-a tha mustache

*The denouement for this is particularly blah -- he just goes back to selling his hats
*The larger problem here is that the guy has no money for food, and somehow his hunger goes away (or is ignored) after he takes a nap
*I find it quite a coincidence that exactly sixteen monkeys stole his sixteen hats for sale

Don't let the New York Times commentary on the back fool you.  Of the 119 words quoted, 114 are merely filler, while the other five mention the author's artwork "infusing it with a humor."  I don't disagree with the NYT assessment, but also don't think this story is particularly worthy of being passed down to future generations. What's the real lesson?  Call me a monkey's uncle, but I don't see one.

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