Andy Warhol's Colors

Here's an interesting experiment: can a publisher reprint paintings of a famous artist, tie some simple text to it, and create a children's book?  I am as eager as you to find out.

*Since I don't have an artistic bone in my body, I am going to have to take it on faith that exposure to the works of a genius like Warhol will unlock some creative juices in your kid's body
*Even if the above effect is minimal, it's still a plus that the illustrations in this book are different than your typical kiddie book fare
*The font used throughout the book meshes well with the art itself

*The writing is decent overall, but the pages without verbs seem better suited as titles of paintings than descriptive phrases in a storybook
*In theory, there's nothing wrong with including blue-green as a color, except when it's in a book that already has something green and nothing purely blue
*I just can't get over the fact that Susan Goldman Rubin gets to sell this book in highbrow locations across the country and all she had to do was get permission to reprint ten Warhol animal pieces and spend a few hours working on rhymes that corresponded to them

Colors is not a masterpiece, that much is clear.  I think if it was a normal book, it would have gotten a Borrow.  But, just like a collection of paintings, it deserves to been seen by the masses. Although in this case, it's not that it would be underappreciated if it spent the rest of its existence in your home; you just won't enjoy having it there for years upon years.  Donate it to today.

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