Surprise, Surprise!

No, this is not the biography of Gomer Pyle.  It's a curious little children's book I found lying underneath an end table earlier tonight. Shazam!

*Interestingly, the author is not credited in the traditional way, but rather by the phrase "Words by Paul Rogers" -- fitting since his words are what make the whole thing work 
*I've gotta believe that by waiting to reveal the name of each item on the next page, it helps improve at least some of the following: retention, recall, anticipation, and concept linkage
*Each page picks one of ten presents on the facing page and has the child guess what's in it -- I enjoyed how some of the pages led the child to the answer while others threw a curveball

*Just can't quite get my head around this being a $10 book in 1990
*There are a few too many references to wrapping perishable food as a present -- I'd prefer not have my boy wrap a carton of ice cream this October in preparation for Christmas
*Early on, the text asks you to find the bright blue present on a page where there were two bright blue presents (granted the one they wanted you to pick did not have a pattern)

I don't want to sound like an agist, but the main reason this book is not a Buy is it's dated look and feel.  [The price doesn't help either.] This might be a mistake on my part since kids don't use the same criteria as adults when judging things, but I can only go with what I know (and whatever non-verbal input my son gives me).  Still, if you can find this book, I would suggest you find a way to get it -- even if you have to library, cheat, or steal!  

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