Chameleon Races

Bienvenidos a mi primera revision de un libro que tiene ingles y espanol!

*I love love love the idea of English/Spanish titles for your kids
*So many different lizards in this book -- at least two more than I could probably name if you gave me 30 seconds to rattle off all the ones I could think of
*It's a nice sentiment to have them all work together to finish the carrera; although the tiny track coach inside of me thinks that there are plenty of other team-building experiences in life and that pure athletic contests are meant to have winners and losers

*How do you not have the chameleon change color at least once 
*If you're gonna have them all win the race, don't have them cross the finish line at different times
*Pretty sure geckos can't carry gecko-sized bikes across turbulent rivers with one finger

There are so many reasons to have a few bilingual books around the house.  Your child can hopefully pick up a few words or, if you are lucky, become fluent in no time.  You can brush up on the language you studied in high school and hopefully reconnect some cobwebbed synapses in your brain.  And the list goes on.  For this reason, it will be next to impossible for me to ever Destroy anything in this department.  Consequently, I think my reasoning process boiled down to deciding whether I loved or hated this book, and since the answer is no to both, I was left with only one choice...

Buy / BORROW / Donate / Destroy

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