Feet are Neat!

The mantra for any good podiatrist -- but will it work for you?

*This book is a part of the "Begin Smart" series, which is geared toward making your kid smarter than the next boy or girl -- what parent wouldn't want that 
*Relatedly, the best part comes before you even begin the story, in the form of a detailed playbook on how to maximize reading time effectiveness
*I'm a sucker for good words like squishing, bopping and whirling

*There's a super thick blank insert at the back of the binding that can only be there for one reason:  to make you think the book is bigger than it really is (it makes up almost 1/3 of the space between the covers)
*In a few cases, the rhyming phrases used are composed of some questionable English grammar; interestingly, this would have been less egregious if the book didn't preach about the learning benefits it offers 
*Also, for something that tells you more than once how physically active the reading process can be, it does a terrible job of illustrating the movements of the children within

I give the publisher credit for teaching parents how to read to their children (specifically aged 18-24 months), despite how holier-than-thou it comes off upon first glance.  I was actually more jaded by the inference that this book is better suited for such a strategy than others.  This, in combination with the fact that the story is pretty pedestrian, makes it more of a Borrow than any other rating. Take out the intro, and it would be a Donate.  Tough call, but, hey they put it there, so...  

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