How You Got So Smart

Do all parents think that their kids are geniuses?  We can't all be right, right?!  

*Even though it's a kiddie book, it definitely strikes a chord in any parent's heart who gets sentimental about the stages of childhood
*Encourages a lot of good habits like sharing, trying new things, and being creative
*Uses a number of more advanced words that still fall within the realm of being understandable and relevant to language building 

*The title is totally pretentious unlike the rest of the book
*Showing kids that no injury occurs from an accident involving a fuel-powered jet pack seems a bit cavalier
*The boy wears colanders on his head one too many times -- if I was his dad, I'd be negligent if I failed to have a talk with him about the direct correlation between kitchen item helmets and freak shows 

David Milgrim very smartly pulls together a collection of everyday occurrences and somehow cooks them into a very readable book that works on both the parental and juvenile level.  The pictures, unmentioned by me until this point, are also quite fun to look at and support the concept successfully.  One of the better stories I have seen published in the last year.  The one potential deal-breaker:  a $17 asking price is not something to ignore for families on a budget.    

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