The Moon Is La Luna

Jay M. Harris, a dentist by day, flossed out a book almost as perfect as the teeth in his jacket photo.  Will it be enough to earn my coveted Buy rating or does it have a few cavities that need filling?  And will I continue to use awful DDS metaphors throughout this review?  

*The humor in here is like nitrous oxide that works on everyone: pediatric, orthodontic, and even the denture set
*Drills home sixty Spanish words in about as pain-free a setting as you could ever imagine
*Matthew Cordell's drawings are the paste that bond the story together

*A few of the paragraphs are like pulling teeth to get through slash understand and require a second visit to get the job done
*From what I can tell, only one verb is introduced -- maybe it should have fallen out in the early stages of editing so that we were left with a book of nouns and adjectives
*Since there's no real order to the paragraphs, I think it would have been a crowning achievement to bridge ideas together (instead of, for instance, talking about a car, waiting a few pages to define it, and then a few more pages to describe vehicles relative speed)

I was excited to sit down and review this one, because I thought I liked it enough to give it the Buy.  The writing is very funny in spots, it contains illustrations that fit this humorous vibe, and seems educational without being preachy.  But I guess since my son and I never really read the whole thing all at once, I didn't quite put together how it doesn't totally work on the whole.  Consequently, I am gonna have to make it pay a little since it doesn't quite meet the deductible.                                                

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