Rescue Bunnies

From the author who brought you typing cows in Click Clack Moo comes the 2010 Doreen Cronin story about first responder rabbits.                

*Scott Menchin's drawings were the highlight of this book, although I would argue that the bunnies don't totally look like rabbits to me in a lot of cases
*Newbie, the main character, should be commended for her loyalty to the giraffe when the chips are down
*Everything involving carrots (license plate, blind taste test, playing cards) was cute and well done

*It wants to be a hero story, but reads more like a story about a rookie who disobeys a direct order then is bailed out by her peers without acknowledging this fact
*If you're going to have "Code Red" as your get out of Dodge signal, why does it take until the second yelling of the term to get bodies moving
*Why would a hungry pack of spotted hyenas just turn around and go home because the giraffe was freed -- a simple Internet education on hyenas clearly points out that the striped ones are scavengers but the spotted ones hunt in packs  

Sometimes kiddie books that try to cater to parents miss the mark for all parties involved.  This selection definitely falls into that category. It touches on a few things that children will either be bored by or miss the point of entirely.  And, as an adult, I can attest to the fact that its famous movie quote references are not humorous as much as they are corny.  In short, these bunnies are just not that funny and surely are not worth your money.                    

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