What Makes The Seasons?

Whether or not you like weather or not, I'm gonna review this book. Deal with it!                  

*Deftly weaves together rhyming and a question-and-answer format that keeps kids interested and learning
*Explains the concept that just cause it's summer here doesn't mean it's summer everywhere on the globe
*Puts a book review for one of the author's other books on the jacket -- why don't more people do utilize a similar marketing approach (since you've opened this book already, odds are a positive comment from a critic isn't going to sway you) -- this argument obviously applies to children's books with three digit word counts more than it does with all other publications

*The picture of our solar system is off in its planet placement
*Megan Montague Cash's liberal use of images in place of words on the jacket ends up being confusing after starting off cute
*More a comment on the particular copy I am holding than the work itself, but why do library books accumulate the same rancid smell -- I'm kind of gagging sitting next to it right now 

There is no doubt in my mind that What Makes the Seasons? is a Buy.  I like a book that teaches me things and this one does it in spades.  [For example, I had no idea that turtles and frogs hibernated underground.]  Plus, there aren't that many books out there that focus on the seasons in such an in-depth manner.  And since weather is kind of an important part of daily life, it's a good tome to permanently keep on hand.                                  

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