Who Is Melvin Bubble?

Finally, the answer to the eternal question will be revealed. 

*Author Nick Bruel shines brightest when he gives us a glimpse at the mindsets of some fictional characters we all know but don't really think much about what drives them (monster in closet, tooth fairy, teddy bear) 
*In the end, WIMB tied up all its loose ends and answered my nagging concern regarding the usage of some of the players we are introduced to in the second half of the book
*The dog's-eye perspective illustration on the kibble page is really cool 

*Based on the title, I had visions of a male lead straight out of Spy Kids -- what I got was a story about an average American boy with a slightly entertaining imagination 
*Bruel didn't really fill a page with 24 instances of woof, bark, and arf, did he 
*The handwritten notes thing surrounding the story makes me want to hurl

This might just be the epitome of a Donate.  It draws you in with a humdinger of a title and keeps you wondering all the way through what the endgame will be.  And once you do reach the conclusion, you can't help but shake your head and wonder what the hell just happened.  I feel like Melvin Bubble just slipped me a mickey.  While this description really shouldn't be used in the context of kid lit, it's the closest I can come to describing my emotions right now.  It's like five minutes of my life were just stolen from me, although I have a vague recollection of it not being the worst time ever.    

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