Sing-Along Song

One, two, three, four.  You deserve something more. 

*On the bright side, we've got a good-natured kid interacting positively with both animals and his family  
*Captures the happy vibes surrounding an adult's return home from work (more visually than textually) 
*LeUyen Pham does an admirable job with the artwork, although there's a little too much tan in the backgrounds for my taste

*As someone who can't remember the verses to most songs, it makes me respect the good ones even more -- I wish I could say these little ditties were worth remembering 
*I didn't love reading the slightly broken English to my son, and I would hate it even more if the Caucasian author thought it added some authenticity to her characters of color 
*I know it has nothing to do with the story, but WTF is the point of this link

Five, six, seven, eight.  This book just ain't that great.  I have a feeling that moms might find it more enticing than me, but I wouldn't even bet on that.  It should be noted that S-AS was better the second time through, but not significantly enough to warrant a ratings bump.  So, despite JoAnn Early Macken's fairly impressive educational pedigree and her not at all difficult to pronounce name, I can't go above Donate with this one.  [I wish all my reviews had a binder full of concrete evidence to support my claims, but every now and then you are just going to have to trust me.]

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