Dora's Opposites

Let's explora this book from Dora. 

*You'd be hard pressed to come up with a substitute pair of opposites more worthy of being included in a basic bilingual primer  
*Six word sets seems like the perfect amount of material to dedicate to this topic
*Having that mouse/rat/beaver thing shout out pronunciations in the corner is an added bonus

*I have to believe there was a way to weave some semblance of a story out of these words rather than slapping together a series of occurrences 
*Yes, it's easier to demonstrate closing something that was previously opened, but for purposes of flow I thought it was weird to have Dora close the treehouse door (from inside) immediately before taking off on her journey 
*Since we have to assume that the stoplight is real (because the fox stops directly at it), then, technically, the fox has the green when we are viewing the red at a 90 degree angle (unless it's a four way blinker positioned in a location with no intersection)

Let me start by pointing out that I have maybe seen five minutes worth of Dora in my life.  So, I might be coming at this differently than someone who lives and breathes the character.  All I know is that my son is enough of a fan of the cartoon (he watches it with his best friend) that I had to give this book a peek.  Anyway, when you think about it, my ignorance actually yields a more objective view of its value to your family.  Survey says: it's perfectly serviceable though unspectacular.  Grab it when you need it and give it back when you are done.  Borrow.

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