E-xceptionally e-xecuted e-ffort e-xpedites e-xtant e-nhancement (of) e-veryone's e-njoyment. 

*Taken by itself, the concept of a (Latin-based language) world without the letter 'E' was a great concept for an alphabet book... which was only magnified by the artistic stylings and whimsical approach of Tom Lichtenheld and E-zra Fields-Meyer  
*Deftly mixes in some real teaching points (like the vowel/consonant line the letter 'Y' toes or the link between 'Q' and 'U') e-ven though hilarity is the driving force throughout
*Somehow found a way to give a unique personality to e-very letter of the alphabet 

*Having 'O' stand in for 'E' for the bulk of the story was e-ssential to the plot, but did make it incredibly hard to read out loud at a normal pace (it takes an e-xtra nanosecond for your brain to comprehend what's happening e-ach instance the substitution occurs... time that wouldn't matter if you were reading silently to yourself) 
*Using a multitude of acronyms makes perfect sense for this type of thing (and fit in well with the theme), but takes away from the e-xperience slightly since you will e-nd up stopping to e-xplain what they mean 
*I laughed out loud when I saw the letter 'P' draining it in a distant bathroom shot, but not e-very parent is as big a fan of off-color humor as me

I am not good with names (or faces for that matter) so I had no idea until just now that Lichtenheld also worked on my last Buy, Shark vs. Train.  Looks like Peter Brown is getting a run for his money as the #1 Kid Book Ratings talent.  In the words of Rick Ross, this guy's a Boss. And, from the looks of it, an almost automatic Buy.  Honestly, I can't foresee a better alphabet book e-xisting, assuming your child is old e-nough to get the majority of the concepts in here.  If that age hasn't arrived yet, might I suggest this link instead?

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Jessica Leader said...

Glad you liked this one! I've been looking forward to it.