Hello, Baby!

Just because you are a fabulous photographer doesn't mean we have to buy your books, does it?! 

*I don't know how many pictures per day Jorge Uzon takes of his kids, but he seems to have captured a collection of great moments that tell the complete story of being a newborn  
*Will definitely pull on the heartstrings of most moms who open this book -- is virtually impossible for ladies to resist a cute baby, right
*And for the less mature dads (like me)...well, there's almost a boob shot on the cuddling page

*Somebody at Groundwood Books really meconiumed the bed on this printing since my copy's 'waking from a nap' page is in their twice -- what's worse is that upon dropping it back off at the library, I confirmed that it's not merely a duplicate but actually a substitute for the real 'putting baby down for a nap' page 
*If you think about it, it took this guy probably one minute to gather some photos from his youngest son's earliest days and maybe two more minutes to come up with the words to accompany those images 
*I hate to overuse this con, but I can't get over the slightly strange feeling that overtakes me when looking at someone else's family being used exclusively in a book

If you weren't swayed by my negatives, I've got good news for you... there are three other books in this series!  Each one of them artfully portrays a few months in the life of Uzon's son as he grows from a newborn to a one-year old.  Quadruple yay!!  Unfortunately, I was swayed by those cons.  And more than that, I'm a dude, and dudes don't dig drippy depictions.  Here's another word that starts with 'd':  Donate

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