St. Patrick's Day

Time to turn our attention to the next holiday on the calendar... 

*Mother/daughter team Anne and Lizzy Rockwell took the easy road by producing a series of holiday-themed titles (including this one), but at least they did a decent job with it  
*The two-page interlude that detailed the origin story of Saint Patrick was slightly forced (especially when compared with the creative way they explained him driving the snakes from Ireland), but it was nice to see the Rockwells inject a little substance in with the culinary and color oriented stuff
*Will help your son or daughter get why so many people are wearing green on March 17th

*If I was a kid, the two things I would want to hear the most about would be leprechauns and four-leaf clovers, in that order -- consequently, I was disappointed to see that hardly any time was devoted to these two topics (I understand neither is central to the holiday, but still) 
*Maybe it's just me, but the book seemed to give off the impression that St. Patrick's Day is celebrated across the country by everyone; as opposed to the more accurate truth that, in America, it's THE day for people of Irish descent and one of THE days for festive and pseudo-festive people to get a little crrrazy 
*Did Mr. Siscoe really have to have a ponytail

I've seen enough here to consider Borrowing another book from the Rockwell's Mrs. Madoff holiday story collection.  You know what cinched it for me?  Illustrator Lizzy's great taste in color schemes... not only do the images pop off the page of SPD, but she also chose virtually the same two shades of green and yellow as the anchors for her professional website as you see on your favorite blog right here:)  Hey, I may be a little egotistical but I'd like to think I'm more honest than anything else!

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