Llama Llama Home With Mama

Flu season is over, right? 

*Although the timeline is unrealistically rushed in order to cram everything into a single day, I appreciated the author's attempt at crafting a happy story about one of the worst parts of being a kid  
*Neat how it encourages children to take care of ailing parents even when they are sick themselves (I love any angle that mitigates a self-centered worldview)
*Anna Dewdney's jacket cover picture showcases her playful side by having her pose in pajamas with a box of tissues

*Unlike the original (which I am not comparing it to directly since that would be unfair to almost any kidlit product, given Llama Llama Red Pajama's near perfection) the text here drags on and seems uninspired 
*The closing line falls flatter than the glass of ginger ale I keep by my bedside when I am ill 
*Includes kudos for other books in the series on the inside cover -- does this mean they couldn't find anyone to compliment LLHWM or did they just print the jacket before anyone had a chance to review it

Maybe Ms. Dewdney was a little under the weather when she penned the words to this one.  How else can we explain it not feeling 100%?  My best guess:  she just missed the mark on this occasion.  Assuming Anna can produce a doctor's note, I think we can all get past this misstep and move on...

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