White Is For Blueberry

Wait, what?? 

*You've gotta enjoy George Shannon's think-outside-the-box premise that will hopefully teach your kids take an extra second when answering a question instead of spitting back the robotic "right" response  
*Of all the examples given, the one that my boy most wants to confirm in real life has to be the purple snow shadow discussion
*Laura Dronzek is a capable children's book illustrator

*Even if you 100% agree with my first pro above (thus admitting the concept of the book is sound), you'd also have to agree that it's not exactly the most amazing idea to ever hit the presses 
*The orange sky page looks an awful lot like red 
*The black is for poppy portion almost admits it's trying too hard by including the term "when we take the time to look"

If you're wondering why I've been away from the blog for a few days, it's because I decided to visit southwest Colorado.  "Absolutely beautiful country" is the only way to describe the rivers, mesas, and snow-topped peaks in every direction.  Except for the lack of Internet signal, it was a perfect trip.  Even that one knock wasn't necessarily a bad thing, since it helped clear my head and acted as a virtual reset button for my ratings game.  Now that I'm back, I figured why not start with a book that highlights elements of nature.  Of all the books currently sitting unreviewed in my house, White Is For Blueberry best qualifies for this opportunity.  It's an okay story with slightly better than average artwork and an important message.  What's that?  You want me to pick a color that encapsulates my feelings of Shannon's work.  Totally understandable.  I'd go with Electric Mauve.
If that doesn't scream low Borrow, I don't know what does...    

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