Mimi's Dada Catifesto

So I found a magic lamp on the street today and gave it a rub.  A genie popped out and told me he would grant me one wish.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted.  Riches beyond my wildest dreams?  That'd be nice.  Permanent world peace?  Even nicer.  In the end, though, only one decision made sense.  Taking a deep breath, I muttered "I wish that Shelley Jackson would never write another children's book."  Let's hope the genie holds up his end of the bargain... 

*I like cats  
*Cats with drawn-on mustaches are funny
*I will never doubt the rating I gave this stinky litter box material

*I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, but this is absolute shit -- you know what, that isn't a strong enough statement -- this is the shittiest book I have ever laid my hands on 
*I could only read about 20% of the words in here without saying WTF and shutting it for good -- not only is the writing painful, but the layout makes me want to kill myself 
*Of course it would be 43 pages long, because more of a bad thing is exactly what the parenting public has been crying out for

n case you were wondering what the hell "dada" is (I sure did), it is a movement started almost a hundred years ago that glorifies nonsense.  In theory, dada and kidlit should equal a win-win relationship.  In practice, it doesn't, if this experiment is any indicator of the strength of that pairing.  MDC is like the afterbirth generated between a Rube Goldberg device and complete and utter failure.  I've never wanted to Destroy something more than this frickin' Catifesto.  To be honest, I never let my son near it.  I saw it in the library, took a peek inside to see what it was, nearly crapped myself when I realized I had found the worst story known to man, and brought it home only so I could eventually write this review.  From one Dada to another, let me boil down my opinion to a three-second YouTube clip so we can all move on...    

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