Caillou Moves Around

In honor of the really short haircut I got today, I thought I'd review a book about the North America's most famous hairless character. 

*Thanks to some generous federal grants, the edition I am holding employed four credited individuals outside of the publishing house, including an art director and a "coloration" expert -- I am making this a pro because it gives me hope that if my attempts at becoming an author or illustrator fail, I can fall back on a career in colorating  
*Portrays dad in a very nurturing role -- as a big softee myself, I can relate
*He wears a hat throughout the entire story, thereby allowing us to forget the strange question of why he's the only kid in his preschool to not really need shampoo (turns out, he was originally drawn much younger and the author felt like keeping his appearance the same as he grew up)

*The writing is about as bland as it gets, since all it does is definitionally describe the things he has been drawn doing 
*Somehow works in Caillou doing a somersault (spelled incorrectly) -- which seems like a bit of a stretch for someone who otherwise looks to be relatively uncoordinated 
*The snapshot image of him falling down is taken at the moment after he trips over a toy car and, thus, might not be totally clear to a child

I think I've mentioned once or twice how terrible I find this TV show.  I don't know if it's Caillou's 
voice, or the way he looks, or the way he laughs, or his name, or that theme know what, it is his voice.  Just listen to it.  Kinda makes you want to stick a few pencils directly into your eardrums, doesn't it?  Still, my son doesn't seem to hate it nearly as much as me; in fact, he gets a kick out of watching me squirm when it's about to come on.  [That alone makes it worth the pain.]  Taking all of that into consideration when I saw this Caillou adventure sitting in a bin at the library, I figured it was high time I review one of his books.  And, you know what?  It wasn't as annoying as I thought it would be.  Don't get me wrong -- it's got very little going for it.  So, as much as I want to put it in a box and ship it back to some abandoned post office in the Yukon Territory (the author's Canadian), I can't quite give it the Destroy I was all ready to hand out.    

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Rebecca Kovan said...

My son is almost 5. He watched a few of these shows without my really paying attention to its content (I know, bad mommy!). Once I tuned in, that was off the list. We have banned Caillou in this household. What a bleepin' whiner that character is! 'Donate' is quite the gift!