The Donut Chef

If you've been wondering where I've been for the last two weeks, well, frankly, so have I.  Let's get back into the groove with this surefire feast served up by Bob Staake... 

*It's been a while since a book's rhyming scheme has impressed me to this degree  
*I'm not quite sure the message I received was intended, but the idea of adults trying so hard to outdo each other that they lose track of why they got into things in the first place resonates nonetheless
*Staake's creativity was on full display with all of the varieties of donuts he dreamt up 

*There wasn't anything glaringly bad to point out here, although I must say I didn't love the lengths the two chefs went to sell their wares (free donuts seems like a stretch) 
*Having a two-year-old pop an entire donut in her mouth seems like it should come with a warning of some sort 
*I'm sure it'll make some kids laugh to see food covered in short and curlies, but I was grossed out by the concept of the hairy huckleberry

As is the case in many cities these days, Washington has fallen victim to the cupcake craze.  There is a serious supply glut here that defies belief, especially when you consider the prices most of these places charge for a small morsel of yumminess. So, it blows my mind when I see people line up fifty deep at places like Georgetown Cupcake (reality TV, no matter how unwatchable, works wonders on a revenue stream) almost every single day.  This real life evidence not only helped contextualize TDC, but also makes the book that much more timely and, thus, entertaining.  As I said earlier, there's very little to dislike about The Donut Chef, so I suggest you save a little room after dinner and consume it with your kids.  [Also works as a great morning nibble if you're looking for some sustenance early in the day!]

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