When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, is that really amore? 

*Laura Dronzek's illustrations are like a concentrated dose of Ambien -- exactly what you look for in a bedtime book  
*For all you Van Gogh fans, there's one page that reeks of Starry Night
*Loved how the moonlight methodically found its way from the heavens down into the rabbit's burrow and all the way into his dreams

*I'm sorry, but unless you're writing about movie theater popcorn there should never be six mentions of butter in a story of this length -- especially when they are being used metaphorically 
*The conclusion involves the bunny being stirred from slumber -- kind of defeats the purpose of a wind-down tale in my estimation 
*Totally minor point, but given Dronzek's impeccable talent, I found her fish depictions to be lacking in comparison to the other animals

Have I been I a little hard on these poor authors over the last two months?  Maybe.  I have noticed a trend of negativity in my ratings during this period.  If anything, it might be a result of me having seen so much kidlit over the years that I now expect more.  In one sense, that's not good for the integrity of my rating system.  Still, I tend to think that only the Borrows and Donates are going to be affected by this subtle change in my reviewing pattern.  I highly doubt that anything worthy of a Buy will be unnecessarily downgraded, because, at the end of the day, a quality title will always shine through.  And since the whole point of this experiment is to identify the stories you should spend money on, everything is copacetic.  All that said, Moonlight is not earning the Borrow it otherwise deserves for one reason: butter.  The corn on the cob I just finished an hour ago didn't have half the dairy on it that the pages of this Griffith effort does..

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