How Do You Make A Baby Smile?

I dunno...punch a clown in the nuts?! 

*Bridget Strevens-Marzo makes the book worth your time with her happy and colorful imagery   
*The rhyming isn't first-class, but author Philemon Sturges' does enough to keep the ball rolling
*Having all the animals be stuffed at the end was a nice touch

*Oddly jumps from singular to plural about halfway through -- should have stuck to one or the other in my mind (especially on the (plural) robins page since I can only see one adult bird there) 
*Should have utilized a synonym for 'grin' rather than use it twice 
*I don't think there was an example of both a mommy and a daddy -- why not employ that on the human page to hammer home the happy family

I've got to be honest with you here: there's not much more to say about HDYMABS.  I almost didn't review it because I was experiencing some serious writer's block trying to craft a summary paragraph about it.  Then I thought, "well, the title pretty much says it all."  The pics and rhymes are good enough to make a baby smile, no doubt.  So, if you have a crawler or inchworm in your house, you can snag this book a short-term rental.  
For anyone older than one, eh, that smile will probably turn upside down. 

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