Little Black Book

Trust me, it's not as cool as it sounds... 

*Checks off a lot of the interactive boxes, ranging from lift-the-flap to touch-and-feel   
*I wish more books employed scratch and sniff technology (good call on the black licorice too)
*Renee Khatami closed as strong as she possibly could with her nod to bedtime and the stars above

*Is about as colorful, metaphorically, as the hue it chose to focus on 
*I wish this book employed scratch and sniff technology that lasted over a year (it was only published in 2011) 
*The majority of things she picked to represent black are not automatic associations in my view (why not a panther instead of a bunny, why not a limo instead of a dress)

Of the eleven songs on Pearl Jam's epic album, Ten, I would argue that Black has best stood the test of time (excluding radio airplay as a metric).  Eddie Vedder is somehow simultaneously crisp and 
understated in his delivery, yet the track does not lack for power (thanks some bold vocal and guitar riffs).  In a nutshell, the title almost perfectly defines the music.  Khatami's effort, while relatively understated, does not seem to bring the crispness or power I'm looking for in a board book.  And that's why I have already forgotten having read it; meanwhile, I will remember the seminal grunge album for the rest of my life. 

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