Tooth On The Loose

Chew on this... 

*I've got to say it's probably the most effortlessly bilingual book I can remember -- and the inclusion of about 40 everyday Spanish words is an added plus  
*By having two parallel storylines, Susan Middleton Elya made it such a better read than a "losing your tooth" plot ever would be
*Reinforcing the message of "how much you spend on gifts is not important" = always a good thing

*I had no idea there would be another language in here -- and upon a second glance, it's slightly troubling that the only cue is written in tiny white letters on the cover 
*I liked Jenny Mattheson's artwork, but feel obliged to point out her sporadic use of shawdows 
*Armed with only two pencils, the little girl is able to draw a portrait of her padre in at least five colors

If there's one thing I know about learning foreign languages, it's that it comes easier when more natural immersion techniques are employed.  A book like this can go a long way toward strengthening your child's vocabulary, while keeping the whole process light and fun.  For those of you who aren't that concerned about bilingual concerns, Tooth on the Loose is still a quality title worth your investment.  Eventually your kiddo is gonna have loose chompers in his/her mouth, and a story like this one can go a long way toward preparing them for it.  

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