Traction Man Is Here!

Is that a good thing? 

*My son has made me go cover to cover like five times, so obviously there's an audience for it (although I would argue that it could be his form of messing with my wife and I after hearing us remark after the first run through about how atrociously weird it was)   
*As the inside cover points out, it deserves credit for stoking children's imaginations -- I was particularly impressed by the kitchen sink scene
*Author slash illustrator Mini Grey shall heretofore be referred to by me as an illustrator slash author

*Absolutely reeks of a Toy Story ripoff in so many ways 
*Is very difficult to read as a cogent story (yes, each page is linked by falling into the category of Traction Man's adventures with his owner, but it comes off like you are starting over repeatedly) -- would have been better served fleshing out one of Traction Man's missions and going all-in on that 
*Mini chooses a topic that skews to boys yet she can't seem to stop telling them about the frickin' clothes this stupid toy is wearing

ould someone please explain to me how Traction Man even got his name?  Better yet, could someone tell me how he spawned two sequels?  I guess I should go ask the librarian who recommended it to me.  She seemed quite knowledgeable about the genre, but so blew it with this one.  Out of the thousands of books in the children's wing of my local branch, when asked for something she'd recommend for a three-year old boy she chose Traction Man.  Good lord!  On second thought, my son did like it.  And she probably has seen other kids like it.  But has she ever read it to them out loud?  If you know anything about my review system, you know that I can't give something a positive rating solely because it appeals to kids.  No, no.  This thing is a Destroy all the way when it enters the hands of the adult population.  Add it all together and you have a Donate that requires a warning almost as strong as the unnecessarily realistic one on the box in the story. 

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