Three wintertime reviews in a row.  I promise you there won't be a fourth.                     

*The creative team behind this book probably got a decent advance from the folks over at Harper Collins, so at least they've got that going for them 
*I plan on doing many of these very same activities with my son over the next few days
*Not sure whether that's a mom or a dad, but for all the single parents out there, you are represented positively here     

*One of the rare times where I found myself reading out loud but had no idea what I was saying -- author Christine Ford's overall concept makes sense, but it feels like a total whiteout when you're in the middle of it  
*Canace Whitman utilizes some type of blurred illustration technique (maybe to connote the winter haze) that is about as fun to look at as an elf giving a reindeer an enema
*I defy you to come up with a more generic title -- haven't Ford and Whitman heard of search analytics

It's no surprise that a book with such awful text would have a snowflake's chance in hell of getting a good rating from me.  But Snow! is sufficiently bad enough to warrant the first Destroy I've given in quite a while.  It's not all-time bad material, but it's up there.  If this wasn't a library book, I'd have no qualms about tossing it out my moonroof after I passed a salt truck on a minor highway.                    

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