Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon

You do that. 

*If you've come across a book that more frequently points out how you don't need money or material possessions to have a good time, I'd like to see it  
*David Catrow does a bang-up job as the illustrator, with one exception (see third con below)
*The idea of a tin can telephone bank is great, and only accentuates the operator tone Molly uses (which, granted, a lot of kids might need explained to them)

*Feels like a rerun watching Molly teach Gertie the key lesson, since we already went through each example when Molly remembered her grandmother's words 
*Normally I'm all for diversity, but the whole "Gertie uses forearm crutches" idea seemed over-the-top to me (although I suppose it's there to show that Molly is truly carefree and lacks any sort of judgmental bone in her body) 
*Jeez, I'd be scared shitless if I saw clouds with penguins and butterflies that looked like that

Did my son and I have fun with HFMLM?  Yeah, I think we did.  Even though Patty Lovell beats you over the head with the same idea throughout, it's still interesting (both visually and textually) and keeps you entertained from cover to cover.  That said, like the honeydew at the complimentary breakfast bar of a two-star hotel, it's tasty enough that first morning but quickly grows tiresome as your trip continues.  In other words, Ms. Melon is perfectly fine when she's being offered for free by your local library, but does not constitute the type of meal I'd recommend spending any money on...  

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Anonymous said...

Why would - as you put it - "the whole" 'Gertie uses forearm crutches' idea" present as any more "over-the-top" to you than Molly Lou Melon not using any sort of adaptive equipment to walk: If not for judgements such as yours, both ways of getting around would present as entirely normal in children's books. That you put this in the "con" category speaks for itself-- Clearly you are not "all for diversity".

mysteryguy said...
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mysteryguy said...

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, just a couple of thoughts I had to back up my side:

1) If I call out the fact that I recognize I sound like a hypocrite regarding diversity, then that should be worth something, even in the PC world live in

2) The author/illustrator made a conscious choice to include this facet in the book, so to say that it should equate 100% to a non-crutches storyline is convenient at best and unfair at worst

Also, I realize it is easier to comment anonymously on Blogger than any other way, but I also am afraid you might have a personal stake in this matter which could be adding to the venom you have spewed. This is a rather old review of a book that is not exactly sought out by the average parent, so it just caught my attention that you would have found it.

Regardless, let me end by saying that, while I am not perfect, I try to give an honest assessment every time based on what I ACTUALLY AM THINKING, regardless of the way it might be perceived. I think most people appreciate that and I am sorry if I offended you in any way...