The Most Curious Girl In Her Class

Thankfully, Hecky's curiousity did not lead her to the same fate as the cat from that infamous cliche... 

*From an escapist standpoint, it's freeing for a child to get out of the classroom and into nature, especially when talking frogs are involved   
*Author Herman Huber displays a nice degree of creativity, even if there might be a few holes in the execution
*The way the raccoon was painted by Esteban Erlich makes me think "Disney filmstrip" (and I mean that in the most complimentary manner possible)

*The choice of names throughout the book really bothered me to no end (the lack of spacing in FrogBog Forest, Ms. Pipi Pipiens, even something somewhat clever like Dennis Hopster didn't work) -- it won't matter to your kids, but it wore on me 
*There were no reprecussions for Hecky blatantly disobeying her mother (one might argue bringing her brother with her allowed her to skate around the rule, but I don't think that would hold up in a court of parental law) 
*Even though Huber ties everything together with a nice bow at the end, it still feels like something is missing from a plot development standpoint

This curiosity thing must be contagious.  After reading TMCGIHC, I find myself walking away with more questions than answers.  Why did Schmecky have such a small speaking part in this adventure?  Are there other adventures where Hecky takes the backseat?  While the title is accurate, is it truly the best way of describing this story?  I could go on.  Here's what it boils down to: both Huber and Erlich have displayed enough talent to earn another chance from me and you, but this particular tale is not worth chasing..

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Jeff Rivera said...

I definitely admire your blatant honesty in this book review, Erik. I like that you wrote about the pros and the cons equally and concisely. I learned a lot about the book from your review, which is a definite plus! I am interested in reading reviews that really tell the reviewer’s opinion of the book and I believe that you have that covered. I know your opinion of the book and I think that is the substance that makes up a quality review.
I also like the language you use in describing every aspect of the post; being very down to earth and deliberate in your thoughts, but also maintaining a level, friendly tone.
The fact that you added another dad’s perspective at the end of your review was unique and helpful too! That is something that I have not seen often and it definitely helps to sustain your credibility!
Additionally, I loved the explanation of your rating system!
Keep up the great, objective reviewing!

Jeff Rivera
Bestselling Author

mysteryguy said...

Thanks Jeff!