Zodiacts: Leo Limelight Lunacy

I think the moon might be entering Uranus! 

*Pollux Inc. actually produces some nice work for those looking to self-publish   
*Donna McGarry's illustrations are definitely out-of-this-world, in every sense of the phrase
*Isn't a half-bad primer for all of the things required to put on a stage show

*I still am not sure if and why there were two Leos in the book -- trying to determine why Starrkitty would eat with Leo and then try and sabotage Lola Leo can only be classified as a headscratcher 
*Speaking of the sabotage, I found it to be a bad teaching lesson and, worse still, was mortified when Starrkitty then gloated about it by telling Lola what she should have done 
*If you include the "coming soon" page for the next Zodiact book, every astrological sign is represented except for Capricorn, which just happens to be MINE


Astrology isn't for everyone.  And neither is this book.  There were just too many characters in it for the reader to keep track of and make sense of things (especially when you are talking about younger minds).  The thing with the two Leos really got me off on the wrong foot; and then it was repeated again to a lesser extent by having two Pisces.  [Wouldn't Gemini make more sense if you were gonna do it and the role choices didn't matter?]  Ms. McGarry has started a franchise with the Zodiacts that might one day have fortune shine upon it, but this effort left me looking to the heavens for answers. 

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