Red Is A Dragon

Don't color me impressed. 

*Overall, illustrator Grace Lin does a nice job of creating eye-catching scenes   
*Likewise, author Roseanne Thong scripted a fairly positive rhyme scheme
*There aren't a ton of children's books that exclusively portray Asian characters within a general market theme, so bonus points should be awarded there

*I'll never understand why authors of color/number/alphabet books don't realize how weird it is to not give equal time to each item they bring up... in this case, why are colors like blue and yellow more important than, say, purple 
*If you are going to transition the discussion from red on one page to orange on the next, it seems odd that Grace Lin wouldn't use the most orange orange in her color wheel instead of something that is heavily reddish 
*There are a couple of times where the words do not flow when read out loud (the incense sticks and dragonflies examples are the worst offenders)


With but a few simple tweaks this could have easily been a story worth Borrowing.  Unfortunately, these changes were not made, so my kids and I were left with something that required one too many confused pauses along the way (resulting from both text-based and visual hiccups). Consequently, I cannot in good conscience say that Lin and Thong's palette was all that pleasing to our palate.  

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