Flora And The Flamingo

Flora's flamingo only has one good leg to stand on... 

*Molly Idle's illustrations are just beautiful -- so beautiful, in fact, that they were honored by the Caldecott Committee with a runner-up award   
*Unilke many wordless books, there is a semi-complicated, yet understandable story to follow
*My wife thought it was very good and disagrees with my overall assessment of Idle's work

*Chronicle Books absolutely blew it with the flap design here -- if the easily caused wear-and-tear doesn't bother you then the snap-back of the loose paper will 
*Shaving off a page or two would have been a major benefit to the experience, considering the pages were so similar in design 
*At least in this case, my son's apples fall a lot closer to my tree than my wife's


If this was a piece of meat, I'd send it back for being far too undercooked.  No matter how delicious the pink sketchwork is at first, FATF will soon make you sick to your stomach for having wasted your time and money on it.  

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