Me And My Dragon

I'll jump on this dragon bandwagon... but I reserve the right to get off at any time.                  

*David Biedrzycki is a very talented artist whose illustrations breathe fire into an often mild story
*Expounding on that last point, I thought the author redeemed the otherwise overdone "an average day in the life" script with some cool ideas (such as the kite debacle and the snow clearing service) 
*My son thought it was funny that the dragon was still awake at the end, and so did I   

*Don't mean to beat a dead dragon here, but let me reiterate that the plot pales in comparison to the pictures themselves
*If you're going to make a point of differentiating a pet shop as exotic, kindly draw a room full of mythical creatures rather than one stocked with a bunch of normal cats, dogs, and fish 
*Just because every third children's book seems to include a bath scene doesn't mean you have to squeeze one in too 

While I won't back down from my critiques of the storyline here, I'll concede that Mr. Biedrzycki appears to demonstrate the potential for future excellence (I might check out his Ace Lacewing series mentioned on the jacket to confirm my hypothesis).  Regardless, he is a top-notch caricaturist capable of improving the quality of any kidlit quest thrown his way.  In short, through his work, Biedrzycki has proven that while he might not be worthy of the dragonslayer hero label, he's definitely someone who you, as king or queen of your castle, can trust.                              

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