Ike's Incredible Ink

Does anyone have any stain remover?  My brain could use some. 

*Despite some fairly serious issues in other facets of the process, it cannot be said that this premise is unoriginal   
*I wish all of the visuals were as awesome as the one where Ike is mixing his collection in the topless blender
*Again, while I didn't necessarily like the specific idea, I guess it only makes sense to have Ike's body be a splotch of ink

*As noted above, I was not a big fan of Brianne Farley's illustrative style 
*What's worse is that I thought the plot wasn't any better 
*And then there's the text used to communicate it all -- not that interesting either


Out of the nearly 500 stories I have reviewed, this one might have left the most indelible mark of any book that did not receive a Buy or a Destroy.  I honestly can't remember ever being so blunt in my con section (referring not to negativity but rather all-encompassing straightforwardness).  To recap, I had a problem with the plot, artwork, and words themselves.  Is there anything left after that, aside from the (sufficient) way it was printed and bound?  The weird thing is that I can't say I hate it.  I suppose the best way to sum it up would be that, at $16.99, it's just not worth the ink and paper it's printed on!  

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Seattle Trenchless Sewer Repair said...

I love Ike's Incredible Ink! Brianne Farley has written a wonderful children's book with wonderful illustrations. I have bought many copies to give as gifts.