Good Night, Gorilla

Let's take a trip to the zoo for our next review.  [Does anyone remember the New Zoo Revue?  Watching that show was one of the creepier memories of my childhood. Yours too?]

*There are some fun cookies (as in hidden surprises) if you look for them in the form of Babar and Ernie stuffed animals
*It never hurts to have a loyal sidekick
*The zookeeper and his wife have pictures of their furry friends framed on their living room wall as if they are a part of the family

*It's hard to ignore the notion that our protagonist is a pickpocket
*The startled wife's face looks like something out of a horror flick
*The interior designer that the zookeeper hired might be the worst in the world -- matching walls, carpet, and curtains is never a good idea

Normally I am not a supporter of books with so little dialog.  [How are you supposed to read a book to your kid if there are no words.]  Yet, somehow, Peggy Rathmann's tale is pleasant enough to look past this and earns a Borrow rating.  Coincidentally, I think this is the only book we were given twice when our son was born.  In other words, we have at least one copy we'd be more than happy to let you borrow.  First person to comment with your email (I'll reach out to you to get a mailing address) will get it.  Just pass it onto a friend when you're done with it and we'll see where it ends up in a year!

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Jessica Leader said...

LOL about the bad interior decorator! Matching walls, floor and curtains...hah!!