Little Boy

If you have only girls, you may excuse yourself from this title. Consider yourself lucky.  

*The artwork is very well done (with the exception of one thing you'll see below) and brings the word whimsical to mind
*I enjoyed the boy's relationship with his pet, something I'd like to see more of in children's books
*The transition from waking up to bedtime follows a decent trajectory

*The whole thing is just so arbitrary, which in my eyes automatically knocks it down to Donation level
*If there is such a thing as a cardboard box fetish, the two people credited with this work are suffering from it
*Either dad changes his shirts four times a day and uses Just for Men around the time the nightly news comes on or we have a problem with consistency in the illustration department

A father/son bond is difficult to break, but reading this book to your little guy comes pretty close to accomplishing that feat. The only thing that saves it from a pure Destruction is that the drawing is actually pretty good. Here's the way I see it: if you want your son's first conversations to be about fun things like what he did that day or what he ate for lunch, then you should skip reading him Little Boy. Otherwise, you might end up with a prematurely jaded little man who says things like "Couldn't you have saved the $15 and downloaded a free greeting card off of the Internet instead?"

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