My Monkey Book

Let's start with something simple, and there's no quicker read than a Jellycat publication!  

*Crinkles, a bonus for any kid under two
*A sweet monkey bookmark that follows you from page to page, and even acts as a makeshift toy when outside of book mode
*Teaches your kid fun sound phrases that you won't find in just any other book 

*Built-in monkey sound effects on page one are too quiet for my taste
*The elephant page in the middle is the only one that does not reference a sound effect, which in a subtle way ruins the flow of the whole book and probably decreases your child's intelligence by .00031%
*Multiple people have commented on the monkey tail page, saying the twisted brown tail (and the monkey's facial expression) looks like our hero has had an accident slightly worse than the itchy back he desires to scratch

A decent addition to any crinkly book library -- it solidly delivers enough differentiation to keep your boy or girl occupied for at least a few minutes. Not exactly a showcase piece though, since it lacks any story to speak of and has a few key flaws that are difficult to ignore.  

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Mom-to-min said...

I have to say, I am a huge fan of Jelly Cat books! I'd recommend them wholeheartedly to any parent! That said, I can't disagree with any of your points above... especially #1-- can't those sounds be a little bit louder?