Scanimation is a newish series of books that is very eye-catching, even for an old guy like me!

*The motion of the animals on every page, obviously
*The font and coloring of the text is fun, easy to read, and encourages paying attention to the words for at least a second
*A well constructed book that is smooth to the touch and a good size for little hands to hold

*The name of the book really only applies to the character on the first page -- we never see that penguin again 
*The last page is really kind of scary and out of nowhere -- they get points for creativity, but lose twice as many points for encouraging young people to play around alligators
*Despite all of the cool features in the book, for some reason it doesn't hold my boy's attention, at least not yet

Like I said earlier, this book is just cool to look at.  I really wanted to give it a 'buy' rating, but having had it for a while, it just doesn't get the entire job done.  I don't exactly know what is missing, but it seems like the type of book that would be fun to have around for a few weeks and then wouldn't be missed if you never saw it again.

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