Pete's Puddles

Ugh! This book rubs me the wrong way but I don't know why.  Maybe a quick analysis will help.

*The artwork is kind of weird, but kind of captivating at the same time
*The concept of making lemonade out of lemons is always a good one for children to learn
*Similarly, having friends who are different genders and races is a positive lesson for kids

*Mom tells her kid to "hurry up" while yanking him by the arm -- not exactly the type of family dynamic I am trying to instill in my boy
*The book encourages making a mess (sitting on your hat, knocking over paint onto the floor, splashing puddles on a crowded street)
*I didn't even know the book was ending since the last page is super weird

Honestly, I sat down to write a review that torched this book.  I really wish we would have skipped the yard sale where we bought it.  But, to be fair, it's not destruction-worthy.  As long as the eventual reader doesn't have to pay for it, it's an OK one-time read.

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