Night-Night, Little Pookie

Sandra Boynton created a book that really surprised me.

*Teaches your kid a good bedtime routine
*Teaches you a cute little bedtime rhyme that you can use with your little one
*Deftly weaves together a strong narrator voice (mom) with little quips from Pookie


*Standing on your tippytoes next to the sink on some sort of stair contraption is not exactly safe
*When mom kisses Pookie's eyes, she misses the target big time and hits cheek
*Something about the punctuation and font changes on the first two pages bothered me a little

As a dad, I find most books in this bedtime sub-genre to be positively awful (just wait for my review of "Goodnight Moon").  Yet, this one really seems to hit it out of the park.  I was really nitpicking with the last two cons just to keep the format consistent.  Overall, this is the kind of book you could pull out almost every night without getting sick of it.  Of course, you'd have to replace the word 'Pookie' with your child's name!!!

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Jessica Leader said...

Phew! glad this one got a good review, since I gave it to you!