Daddy Cuddles

Part of me thinks I should stop reviewing board books, since it's really hard for them to meet the higher standards of a Buy or Borrow.  But most of me knows that in doing so, I am helping to shine a light on the best of the best of this category.  And then there's this...    

*I learned that a beaver baby is known as a pup
*The facial resemblance between human dad and his son is pretty remarkable
*Not sure if it was intentional, but the use of blue-green backgrounds (as opposed to every color in the rainbow) is calming and fits with the theme

*There are six animals, and two of them are in the monkey family -- why?
*I might not fully understand the meaning of cuddling, but I dare you to find a dictionary that says anything about putting your son on your back when defining this word
*Oh yeah, that definition probably also fails to show a picture of two koalas doing the exact same thing

If there was a subcategory between Donate and Destroy, this book would find a comfortable place there.  There's nothing painfully wrong with it, but it is pretty bad at the same time.  If you need a book to demonstrate to your kid that cuddling is a good thing, message me and I'll find you a renowned family therapist who specializes in knocking down whatever barriers you may have developed as a child to keep people at a distance.  Otherwise, only crack this thing open if you plan on spending the night at the airport because your flight was cancelled and you can't think of anything else to occupy your time.  

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