Little Lion

Have you ever noticed how many children's books have the word "little" in the title?

*A finger puppet book (when done right) can automatically vault a book up a level in my rating scale
*The power of friendship is the main lesson here and is one of my favorites
*I don't understand why people have pet snakes, but I like that Lion is friends with this underrepresented animal 

*An extra two or three pages would have gone a long way
*My Lion gets his head stuck in the pages a lot
*Talented illustrator Klaartje van der Put (yes, that's a name) is given very little recognition for her efforts -- I don't think I've ever seen a smaller font size in my life

My wife was shocked when I didn't give this book a Buy rating, but I've gotta believe there are better finger puppet books out there.  Maybe one of the other seventeen books in this series by Chronicle Books fits the profile.  All I know is when you get your hands on that perfect finger puppet book, it's value is limitless.  Let me know when you find one!!!

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