The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Butterflies and men go together about as well as chest hair and ladies. Do we think I'll like this transformational tale of the tiny caterpillar that could?

*The author teaches your child a lot: counting, the science of caterpillars/butterflies, names of fruits and other random foods
*The 'bite' holes and mini-pages in the middle of the book work well
*His explanation of the cocoon stage is the type of thing I am looking for when I say I want the authors to explain things to our kids

*I see what he was trying to do with the snap ending, but it could have been done better
*If we're teaching kids about fruit, let's try and draw plums that look like plums and not blue martini olives
*In some corners of the globe, the word stomachache is, in fact, one word (these regions of the Earth are far inferior to the rest of the world)

I have no doubt what I need to rate this book.  There's enough meat, color, and education to hold you interest through many readings.  On top of that, my son loves to twirl it in his hands, which I can't say about just any book. But the thing is $11 and is not going to be the type of story you are going to like as much as your kids (unless you have trouble grasping the whole metamorphosis thing)...

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Jeane said...

Italian plums are oval shaped and have a blue hue, just like pictured. My mother has an Italian plum tree in her backyard, and I grew up eating those fruits. I love this book! (So does my kid)

mysteryguy said...

Learn something new every day! Thanks for the heads up. To clarify after owning this for a few years now and with a second child starting to reach for it, TVHC is a good book. Just not one of my favorites.