Birdy Tails

It's time for another Jellycat review.  I know you've been waiting quite a while for a follow-up, so this one is for you, my crunchy book fans!

*A good introduction to some of the more interesting birds without getting too random with the species
*Solid variation in the tactile consistency of the tails hanging off the side of the book
*Has a small velcro strap to attach to strollers and such; actually, I was gonna mark this as a con when I thought it was a stupid bookmark system (given that the book only requires 4 page flips) until closer examination proved to me what the flap's real function was

*It's a good thing this book wasn't entitled Birdy Tales, since there is no tale to speak of
*The snooty peacock kinda comes off like a, well, you know
*The two conversation bubbles on the first page are placed in such a way that your kid will think that the pelican is pink and the flamingo has a huge lower bill 

There is no doubt that this is an eyecatching item, given it's unique shape and color panoply (I am actually surprised I knew the proper definition of this word).  I wouldn't say it's a book my son has ever made a free-will grab for, but he doesn't hate it when I give it to him. In other words, for a kid it's OK.  But it lands on the negative side of the rating spectrum because as an adult, I kind of want to leave at my neighborhood Starbucks for the pigeons to poop on wildly.  Sorry Jellycat, but you are 0-for-2 thus far. Time to step up your game!

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