Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

No book in our household evokes a more visceral reaction than this pigeon parable.  My wife hates it, her sister loves it, and I have somehow experienced both of these emotions at various junctures. 

*The main pro is also the main con: the book's main purpose is to have the reader learn that saying "no" to someone or something is OK
*There's a nice carrot at the end that allows the pigeon to dream bigger despite your resistance to him driving the bus
*The title and dedication area adds extra fun (the driver instructs you what to do here) given that most books only start the story after you blow by these pages 

*The first thought I had when I read this story was: "Wow, is this pigeon really teaching my kid ways to not take no for an answer"
*If I wanted my son to study an illustrated playbook of manic-depressive behavior, I would have just done gone to the closest medical school bookstore
*There is one page where the pigeon loses his mind and starts screaming -- I could have done without that

I hated D.L.P.D.B. the first time I read it for the negative reasons listed above.  So much so, in fact, that I don't think I picked it up for at least five months; even though it would stare me right in the eye whenever I would lift my son from his crib.  But then something strange happened.  I grabbed it one day to read to him (since it was the closest thing to me), and I started to notice the humor was actually very well done and adult.  As such, I highly suggest borrowing it for a short period of time so that your little one can learn the valuable lesson of "no" and some good one-liners.  Let me caution you against keeping it beyond this window, though, lest your child gravitates to the humor and grows up to become a bitter stand-up comedian with a shrinking fanbase who enjoys drinking whiskey from the bottle on stage.  I'm not saying this is a certainty for lovers of this book, just a very strong possibility...  

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Tamar said...

Reason #1 to love this book: When my nephew was, I don't know, very little, he saw a pigeon (a real one, like outside), turned to his dad (my brother), and queried, "He can't drive the bus?"

mysteryguy said...