Curious George Rides

One of America's most iconic children's characters makes his first appearance on our blog.

*There are some fun pictures in here that have more going on in the background than the average kid's book 
*Specifically, the image of a bubble-dome olde-timey helicopter is always a treat
*(Insert your 3rd pro here -- I can't think of one)

*Is this the only book in C.G. history that doesn't involve a single iota of curiosity
*Does this sentence make sense to you (methinks it's missing a preposition):  George rides a taxicab to get downtown
*Speaking of taxicabs, why would you pay to take one when you have a little blue car at your disposal

Would someone please explain to me the Man in the Yellow Hat?  Does he sell fish sticks for a living?  Is he irrationally afraid of not being seen by drivers as he crisscrosses town?  Is he filming a remake of City Slickers? OK, enough about him.  George does ride on a lot of awesome things, but the ride he takes the reader on is lame.      

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